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Gilmore Girls CapStills

An Icon Challenge Community

Gilmore Girls Icon Challenge
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Gilmore Girls

gg_capstills is an icon challenge community for the TV-Show Gilmore Girls. Every week you'll be provided with screencaps of an episode to make icons out of them.
The icons you'll submit are not allowed to be animated.
For more information visit mod_stillness

You'll have 7 days when the challenge is posted to submit your icons and 5 days for voting.

If you have questions or suggestions for Episodes/Challenges please comment here
An Archive with all Challenges you can find here

We're listed at itest_listing

You have to be a member to submit your icons.
Icons must fit the LiveJournal standards (max. 100x100px, max. 40 KB, JPG, GIF or PNG format)
The challenge will be anonymous, so please do not post your icons elsewhere, including your own journal. Don't use premade icons.
Only use the caps provided. You are allowed to use textures, brushes, text etc. .
No animation allowed.
Submit the icon the following way:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Comments are screened.
If you'd like to use an icon, credit the maker.

You have to be a member to vote.
Do not vote for yourself or ask someone to vote for your icons.
Comments are screened.
You can vote for first (5 pts), second (3 pts) and third (1 pt) place. If we have enough entries you also can vote for Best Coloring, Best Cropping and Most Original.

You find all Affiliates in the Sidebar of the Community-Page ^__^

You want to affiliate? Comment here

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